There’s a war going on…

I took the advantage of performing this piece on the Talent Competition of Mutya ng Olongapo 2018 last July 20, because of my one and only goal; spreading awareness.

Luckily, I landed first place as Belle Manalili won the best in talent with her heart felt performance.

“A shadow dance interpreting the song Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams that shows our modern social and environmental issues that continuously affects our lives and how we must take care of it so that we will have a clean environment and healthy lifestyle.” She said.

This is what I love about beauty pageants. People get to know us more than what they just see. They get to know that we are more than just a pretty face…

I have written this as a wake-up call.

For anyone and everyone that may or may not spare me some time to hear this out.

I’ve got some news for you, this is kind of a real talk for some, it may hurt but it’ll hurt us more if we wouldn’t be aware of the truth.

This is my own composition (the full version), so here it goes…


By: Melissa Rae D. Araneta

There’s a war going on.

I’m not referring to
Wars overseas,
Or in a third world country
Or the one that recently
Happened in Marawi.
I mean right here,
On our streets where
Folks are on their knees,
There’s a war going on.

See, kids get exposed to
Crack and dope
Everyday at school,
We got 12 year olds transporting
Becoming some thug’s mule,
Because they look up to them,
See them as a role model,
And think it’s cool.

But not all kids are like that today.
On the other hand,
There are lots of instances,

helpless and innocent ones,
People get killed without due process
Can you guess,
How many instances
has been reported like this?
So please, listen to me.
There’s a war goin on,
Be careful,
Maybe you’re next on the list.

Now as I watch the news
The 20th century
Horror stories
Flashing right in front of our eyes.
Those one sided opinions
Aimed right at your children
Right there in prime time.
All those bloodshed and killing
Like, do they really have
To see all those crime?

See those fearful and

Mourning civillians,
Extortion and laundering of millions.
All those unjust ways,
The injustices
Soon, you’ll get the hang
Of all their practices

Isn’t it possible those young minds absorb it like little sponges?

In this “beloved country”,
Now the media filters whatever
They want according to their taste.
And fake news spread
So quickly on social media
With undue haste.
Yet they’re classified
As professionals,
As specialists,
Well, where’s the interventionist?
I don’t think the
Society is getting this.

We’re letting this


There’s a war going on.
Can’t you hear my call?
Because the next generation
Will have to maintain this globe.
Put inevitable wars on hold.
Refrain grom letting nuclear
Warheads explode,

But how can one succeed
If they’re destined for life on parole?
There’s a war going on,
We have to get this
All under control.

We’re running on a circular path,
There’s no break in the curcuit.
Truth of the matter is,
Humanity doesn’t deserve it.
We’re all blessed with life
In this planet.
So go ask yourself:
“what can I do to preserve it?”

‘Cause there’s a war going on
Out there for real.
People are struggling,
Fighting for a meal,
Forced to rob and steal,
Using drugs not to feel,
Like life is so surreal.
We can’t reveal what hurts
So what we do is just
Conceal the worst.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We’re dealing with life here,
We’re dealing with
Destiny and fate.
Everyday we face and feel hate.
And when reality hits,
This causes debates
Over how we degrade
And desecrate,
But when do we pull together,
To save what we create?

I’m not gonna end my piece like this
I’m not just gonna stand here
And pump my fist
While you reminisce
In a mist of
Sadness and horror…

I wanna let you all know
That solutions are within all of us.
Hiding in the barangay centers,
Our beloved shelters,
Those after school enrichment programs.
They’re embedded in positive music.
As well as
Sharing a joke and smile
Settling down,
How to be versatile.
When communicating to others,
Mothers, brothers, lovers.
Sharing a hand in hand walk.
And a heart to heart talk.
With someone you care about.

Peace in our communities
Can be achieved when
We recognize
Our own demise.

Please, I beg
Just open your eyes.

‘Cause there’s a war going on.


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